Smithfield Street Party

Soaring Smithfield Canopy

Look up to the canopy

Smithfield Street Party

Welcome to the Soaring Smithfield Canopy where an exciting line up of aerialists swing from the rafters creating a dazzling spectacle in the Victorian iron structures of the Central markets. With performances from Disco Loco and Extraordinary Bodies.

In addition audiences can create their own winged creations with Scribble and Smudge, discover London's most colourful flock en route to Grandad's Island in Waltham Forest with giant bird puppets from Artillery, become a beast yourself by creating your own beastly headwear with the Museum of London and get your face painted by Mangozoo Kidz whilst you're there.

Then prowl, strut or scamper round the rest of the party to show off your creation!


Disco Loco -11am-2pm

Extraordinary Bodies - 2:30 and 4:30pm

Disco Loco returns to Smithfield for another HUGE day of fun, music and a spectacular finale! They will be partying from 11am-2pm with 3 hours of DJs and dancing.

Extraordinary Bodies are a professional circus company of disabled and non-disabled performances creating bold, radical and joyous large-scale performances.