Musicity x Culture Mile

Robin the Fog - Beech Street Tunnel

Tunnel beneath the Barbican Estate

Beech Street Tunnel

Sound artist and radio producer whose work largely falls under the broad term ‘Radiophonics’ and includes field recording, radiophonic composition and documentary.

Beech Street forms a ground level route between Barbican tube and Moorgate, beneath the Barbican Estate. A product of the utopian vision of 1960’s planning, it aimed to separate pedestrians above from the traffi c below. Whilst many enjoy the highwalk route above.

Beech Street can still see up to 1,000 pedestrians per hour travelling through this space. Culture Mile has a long term ambition to transform Beech Street into a user-friendly gateway to arts and culture. As you can see on the junction with Golden Lane, Banksy has already kickstarted this process!