Sound Unbound


nonclassical takeover


Check out the best in new classical, electronic and experimental music – nonclassical take over one of London's most beloved nightclubs, putting their sound system to the test with experimental electronics, turntablist strings, short films, and a musical safari from nonclassical DJs.

1.30–2pm: nonclassical @ fabric
2–2.40pm: nonclassical @ fabric: Tom Richards
2.45–2.55pm: ?Corporel with Tomyr Warcaba-Wood
2.55–4pm: nonclassical @ fabric
4–4.40pm: nonclassical @ fabric: Mira Calix
4.40–4.50pm: ?Corporel with Vittorio Angelone
4.50–6pm: nonclassical @ fabric
6–6.40pm: nonclassical @ fabric: Shiva Feshareki & Addelam
6.40–7pm: nonclassical @ fabric

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