Culture & Commerce taskforce event with speaker on stage

The Business Partnership Board is made up of business leaders united in their belief that this new BID has the potential to transform this part of central London into an even better place to live, visit and work. This Board includes:

The Board is Chaired by Tijs Broeke, Governmental Relations Lead (UK, Ireland and Northwest Europe) at HP and Common Councillor, City of London Corporation

The Board’s Vice-Chair is Andrew Smith, Managing Partner at BDB Pitmans LLP.

Each of the strategic aims that The Business Partnership will deliver has an accompanying Steering Group.

If you want to become part of the Business Partnership Board or are a steering group, find out more.

A note from The Business Partnership Chair

“From 17th century coffee houses to 21st century co-working spaces, the City of London has long been a home for creativity, innovation and learning - a vibrant marketplace where two thousand years of history collide with the world’s best in culture.

We believe that a BID in Culture Mile can build upon this legacy, by bringing people together and sparking innovation.

The City of London Corporation is delighted to support the Culture Mile Business Partnership, an important step forward in ensuring the area’s future success. It is ever more important for all parts of the community to work together, and the Partnership will enable local businesses to take advantage of the wide range of skills, assets, and activities that are uniquely developed within the Culture Mile district.

I am proud to be part of this drive towards an exciting new chapter for the area’s businesses and for Culture Mile.”

Tijs Broeke
Common Councillor, City of London Corporation
& Chair of the Culture Mile Business Partnership

“As previous Chair of another London BID, I have seen how BIDs can directly improve their area and generate a sense of connection for those who work in them.  I am therefore very excited to be part of the team championing the creation of a new BID in the unique Culture Mile area, and in particular to help build partnerships between the commercial and cultural elements of this part of the City.”  

Andrew Smith
Managing Partner, BDB Pitmans LLP
& Vice-Chair of the Culture Mile Business Partnership
“The Culture Mile BID provides us with a unique opportunity to create a business partnership that makes the most of the creative, cultural, and business assets of this very distinct part of London. I am looking forward to being part of a vibrant and ambitious group of organisations and individuals who are massive in their intent to forge new connections - delivering real impact for our teams, our outputs, our reputations and overall organisational sustainability.”

Sharon Ament
Director, Museum of London