The Business Partnership

What will a Culture Mile BID involve?

Our aim is to establish a uniquely culture-driven BID within Culture Mile by spring 2023 - a place where the value of creativity is experienced and shared by all businesses within the area.

We are currently engaged in a listening exercise to learn what the Culture Mile Partnership Board members perceive as the main needs and interests of businesses in the district. At this stage we anticipate the new BID will aim to:

  • Highlight the area’s competitive edge to a range of audiences - promoting its unique creative ecosystem as a key selling point to leverage increased inward investment
  • Deliver best in class culture-led placemaking that draws upon the world class creative and artistic credentials of the area
  • Strengthen the awareness of the area and its identity through a confident, creative and joined up brand that delivers across public realm presence and communications campaigns
  • Harness the power and value of creativity as an agent for change and transformation, across everything from skills-building through to cross-sector collaboration
  • Enable local businesses to use a single voice to advocate for improvement and innovation within the area
  • Deepen the local business community’s relationships with a wide range of stakeholders, ranging from local residents and neighbouring BIDs to national government
  • Monitor the district’s development pipeline and engage with relevant stakeholders to unlock value that supports resilience, long-term success and the consolidation of Culture Mile’s confident, joined up and creative identity