The Culture Mile Business Partnership

What will the Culture Mile Business Partnership do?

Throughout the last four years, harnessing the value of creativity has been a Culture Mile constant: from increasing economic resilience throughout the global pandemic through to developing the most in-demand skills for the next generation of workers. Increasingly diverse stakeholders are acknowledging that culture and creativity play an integral part in bolstering economic  growth of individual businesses and the area’s ecology, and this presents real opportunity for cross-sector collaboration.  

As such, the Business Partnership is a time-limited group with the aim of establishing a new BID within Culture Mile by March 2023 – a BID which not only delivers the services businesses should expect, but also capitalises on the work to date by putting culture at the core of its proposition to create a place where the value of creativity is shared and experienced by all businesses within the area.

There are four strategic themes that will frame the work of the Business Partnership over the next year, and a series of Demonstration Projects will be delivered to addressed these.

Cultural Destination

The new Business Partnership will promote the area as a major destination for creativity, innovation and learning that capitalises on the world class cultural offer in the district. It will work to attract and retain talent, support businesses and both increase and diversify the area’s visitor base.

“Culture Mile has extensive creative strengths and its unmatched combination of distinctive character, infrastructure, connectivity and access to talent mean it has the environment needed to support further growth.”

Creative Enterprise and Innovation Research, 2019
BOP Publica / Culture Mile

Inspiring Places

The Business Partnership will lead a high-quality placemaking programme to enhance the public realm, bring vibrancy to the streetscape and enrich the everyday experience of the area. As such, the BID will reflect the area’s unique stories, stimulate imaginations, support productivity and ensure that well-being is a priority within Culture Mile.

The demonstration project for this strategic area is City  Vistas, an on-street exhibition that offers a new view of the City.

“Companies are looking at new ways to attract and retain talent, by focusing on their location, the design of their buildings, facilities and local amenities. Place has become an asset rather than simply a location”

City as a Place for People, 2018
City of London Corporation

Connected Community

The Business Partnership will grow a sense of connection for its business community and unlock huge potential for collaboration and innovation across the area. It will provide practical opportunities for the district’s professional talent to make new relationships and learn from each other while championing diversity, inclusion and social mobility.

“Cities must be designed to allow for the interactions of people to attract creativity, to generate innovation and ultimately to stimulate economic development.”

'Cities and the Creative Class'
Richard Florida

Sustainable Environment

The Business Partnership will enable local businesses to prioritise planetary health and take collective action in response to the climate emergency. It will take a proactive approach on air quality, greening, transport and freight strategies, and energy use, thereby identifying further bold commitments which will drive forward the transition to net zero.

“Over 70% of workers are more likely to work for a company that has a strong green footprint”

Swytch survey of 1,000 workers across US and UK as reported in Forbes business magazine