The Culture Mile Business Partnership

The Culture Mile Business Partnership has formed to champion the creation of a new Business Improvement District – the Culture Mile BID.

Subject  to the outcome of a ballot of eligible businesses in the area, the BID will be launched in spring  2023.

The new BID will  bring together  a unique mix of businesses and support the transformation of Culture Mile  into a place that gives  each of them the  environment  and  creative edge they need to succeed.  

What is a Business Improvement District (BID)?

A BID is a legally and geographically defined business-led partnership for area improvement and service delivery. It is funded by the levy-paying businesses within an agreed boundary.

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What does the Culture Mile Business Partnership do?

Culture Mile has championed the area’s unique creative enterprise ecosystem, stimulated growth in the local economy and strengthened the area as a place to do business. Throughout 2022, the Culture Mile Business Partnership is engaging with local businesses in the development of the proposed BID, and overseeing a series of projects that further develop the Culture Mile area. These projects will address four strategic themes that will frame the Business Partnership's work.

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Who is involved?

The Business Partnership Board is made up of business leaders united in their belief that this new BID has the potential to transform this part of central London into an even better place to live, visit and work.

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What happens next?

The process of becoming a BID is set out in a national legislative framework that requires the successful completion of a series of steps.

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How can I get involved?

We welcome discussions with businesses in the area that support the aims of the Culture Mile Business Partnership and want to help create a BID in the area by spring 2023.

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Culture Mile Connects

Culture Mile Connects is a series of events that enables the local Culture Mile business community to connect with each other, tap into and benefit from the unique resources on its doorstep.

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