Culture Mile Connects

Culture Mile Connects is a series of events that enables the local Culture Mile business community to connect with each other, tap into and benefit from the unique resources on its doorstep.

Tackling topics ranging from social impact and the climate emergency through to well-being and cross-sector collaboration, Culture Mile Connects consists of roundtables, events, activity, and panels that will be free-to-access for the local Culture Mile business community throughout autumn 2022.

Each event in the series has been curated to provide inspiration, new skills and provocation, facilitate the exchange of new ideas, showcase best-in-class work and enrich hyperlocal business networks. More information on the full Culture Mile Connects programme is below.

Culture Mile Connects is supported by the Culture Mile Business Partnership and its Steering Groups, working towards establishing a culture-led Business Improvement District (BID) in the north-west corner of the Square Mile in spring 2023.

The full range of events, including ways to book your tickets, are below.