City Vistas

City Vistas benefits

How City Vistas will help renergise the City of London

In their ‘Fuelling Creative Renewal’ report, the Culture & Commerce Taskforce highlighted the reduced footfall and empty commercial spaces resulting from the pandemic. They highlighted the need for businesses to offer an office experience that attracts staff back from working at home and supports their wellbeing.

“London is experiencing one of the slowest returns of footfall among UK cities”

Centre for Cities

“Vacant units in the City of London increased by 47% during Covid-19”

The Local Data Company

“Your office may lack energy… consider ways to make the office more compelling and interesting”

Tracy Brower


City Vistas responds to these post-pandemic shifts taking place in the City. It aims to fill Culture Mile’s office and retail spaces with curated artworks, animating the area and engaging audiences – particularly local workers – with inspiring art that tells the story of local businesses’ ESG values.

City Vistas will

  • Engage local workers with inspiring content, contributing to their well-being and encouraging a return to the office
  • Provide high quality creative content that engages the public, while enhancing the streets and overall perceptions of Culture Mile as a creative and vibrant area
  • Demystify the City, providing an inclusive welcome and showcasing local business ESG priorities for the future of the area
  • Demonstrate how creative activation of commercial sites can support the return to the City and future of workplace agendas
  • Provide a platform for creatives, showcasing diverse, emerging talent and reflecting the City’s role in strengthening the resilience of the creative sector.

The benefits to businesses who are taking part in City Vistas include:

  • Compelling reasons for employees to return to the office – art can encourage discussion, debate, staff engagement and a sense of pride, as well as supporting wellbeing and productivity:
  • Strengthened connections with communities and customers
  • Profile for your businesses and enhanced perceptions of the City as a destination for creativity and innovation
  • Participation in an innovative model of mutual benefit for the local area

City Vistas builds on the learning from the ‘Enhancing the City’ activity undertaken as part of the Culture & Commerce Taskforce and the successful pilot project undertaken with Helicalplc in their Barts Square retail units.