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Day 4: Join us in the virtual jingle-making shed

Radio Local in Culture Mile

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Some epic home-made jingles, local baking legend Matthew Rideout, Anna and Frank's Mealtime Memo, London Loud talk alpacas and Gabby Morris with The News. Then Bourgeois & Maurice school us on British Values...

We've found another great jingle in the jingle shed, recorded over the sounds of cooking.

We meet Local Legend and Whitecross Street resident Matthew Rideout. Matthew has a background in private equity investment, however decided a career change and has moved from finance to train to become an artisan baker. Unfortunately, Covid-19 had put a stop to his training and so he decided to learn his craft from home. Since then, Matthew has been baking sourdough bread and other goodies on a daily basis for free delivery to NHS staff.

We hear a Mealtime Memo from Anna and Frank, Frank's mealtimes are very different from most of ours. He is having chemotherapy treatment at the moment and so mealtimes have changed. Anna prepares the mealtime formula and the nutrition is transported via a feeding tube directly to Frank’s stomach.

Then our airwaves are taken over by Radio Local workshop participants - Loud London. We talk to Chloe Plumb from Holborn Community Association and participants Aleksandra Tihomirova, Mary Amanuel, Annachiara Senatore, Frankie Mia and Agathe.

Holborn Community Association has been a vital part of the local community for over 30 years.  Across 3 centres, they run a range of sport, play and art activities for everyone from 0-99+. Their offer includes daily free drop in sessions for families, film making and pottery, physical activities (from taekwondo for children to table tennis for older people) and daily provision of day care for vulnerable older people.

Gabby Morris, resident from the Barbican estate informs us on The News.

And we handover the reins to Guest Presenters Bourgeois & Maurice for a look back at the olden days. Critically-acclaimed musical satirists Bourgeois & Maurice are here to distract you from the horrors of today by singing about the horrors of yesterday. Remember Brexit? Doesn’t it seem a lifetime ago? How about environmental fears? The rise of rightwing populism? The terrors of sex and dating? These concerns are all but a misty watercolour memory as we stand here in the future - May 2020 - but it’s important to remember where we came from.