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Day 2: Getting local on the radio

Radio Local in Culture Mile

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Join in with the scavenger hunt, listen to The News from Liz Davis and Scottee's ‘Voicenotes with Strangers’.

Time to brush up on your detective skills as the Scavenger Hunt has officially begun, we meet local legend Eloise Harris and we get a news update from Liz Davis.

Listen to the first part of ‘Voicenotes with Strangers’ a six part audio series brought to us by Scottee & Friends (pictured), we are joined by Anna Casey to talk all things Culture Mile and we sit tableside with Rakesh Mathur for our first Mealtime Memo.

Critically-acclaimed extraterrestrial music satire duo Bourgeois & Maurice adopt the roles of historical documentarizers to take a look at life BC (before Covid). In their seven part series BC World, made especially for Radio Local, B&M revisit major issues of the recent past like Brexit, environmentalism and physical human interaction, and ask what the future might hold for the great humansexual species. Dissecting every topic with a blunt scalpel before summarising it in song, BC World is a history lesson with lots of catchy tunes and all the boring facts taken out.