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Day 1: Welcome to the first Radio Local in Culture Mile show!

Radio Local in Culture Mile

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Interviews with local legends, news from the over 70s, family challenges...

Your hosts Hunt & Darton chat to local legend, Maxine Kwok (pictured), First Violin with the London Symphony Orchestra. The News is presented by Brian Reeves from his window at The Charterhouse, then Russell Frost teaches Hunt & Darton about the printing press.

Brian Albert is a keyworker in the City and our food critic for the day, reviewing Fat Burger Co.

Victoria Melody introduces the first of part of her 'The Enthusiasts' series, a celebration of the Barbican Estate’s pastimes and passions. It’s somewhere between a Ted Talk and a French Salon (not a hairdressing salon but the organised talks from the 18th century). But they are a shorter more domestic version from the comfort of people’s own homes. Victoria has been speaking to everybody and anybody with a passion, nothing has been too niche.