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Day 10: Just another manic monday...

Radio Local in Culture Mile

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Meet Local Legend Andra East, listen to Raves not Rants, The News with Kevin Jones, a Live Report from Michael & Christina plus Joan Furio Vivas talks guitar passion. Bukky Omolayo joins for Teach Hunt & Darton & we're taken over by Bourgeois & Maurice.

Our local legend on today’s show is Andra East, the Head of LSO Discovery. She’s passionate about singing, and music education in all its forms. She’s also assistant conductor for the London Latvian Choir and plays with the Basement Orchestra and Austrumkalns - adventures in London Latvian folk-pop. LSO Discovery covers education and outreach at the London Symphony Orchestra and offers inspiring musical experiences to people of all ages and backgrounds who have not necessarily had much contact with classical music and musicians.

Our Live Report comes from Michael and Christina.

The News is presented by Kevin Jones, a City Connections Wellbeing Coordinator. Kevin has spent over 25 years working in and leading youth, community and third sector services with a variety of providers. It’s Carers Week (8 – 14 June) and Kevin talks about the annual awareness campaign which takes place to celebrate and recognise the vital contribution made by the UK’s 6.5 million carers. It is also a time of intensive local activity with thousands of events planned for carers across the UK.

For episode 5 of The Enthusiasts by Victoria Melody we hear from guitarist Joan Furio Vivas.

Bukky Omolayo teaches Hunt & Darton top tips and conversational techniques used to approach mental health issues. Bukky is the Founder of ChitChat UK a not-for-profit charity focussed on ways to support, empower and prevent mental health issues by using the power of conversation.

Episode 5 of Bourgeois & Maurice Investigate the Olden Days tackles love and dating. Social Distancing has been hard, and feeling the love and affection of others might make you feel lonely and isolated. But we’ve got a tip, just remember what it was like when you were in your early 20s and desperately acting like you were cool and aloof and not interested in anyone who gave you a second glance. Worth a listen as always.