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Day 13: Radio Local's penultimate show!

Radio Local in Culture Mile

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Meet Local Legend Catsou Roberts, hear The News from Natasha Blok & Holly Burn is our enthusiast. Chef Pasci returns in Kitchen Live, listen to Voicenotes with Strangers by Scottee & London Loud are back! Mix and Match teaches us how to make a cocktail.

Our Local Legend today is Catsou Roberts, Director of Vital Arts. She advocates for raising the standard of Arts & Health, regularly writing and lecturing on the topic—to  cultural as well as clinical audiences. Vital Arts is a charitably-funded Arts & Health organisation at Barts Health NHS Trust, commissioning projects for the wellbeing of patients, staff and wider hospital community.

Natasha Blok brings us The News. Natasha is a Lighthearted Creator & Happiness Coach at toucantoo. She helps adults stop living for the weekend and start enjoying living every moment with a friendly, feelgood and fun approach to create a happier world for all.

Listen to the final episode of Victoria Melody’s The Enthusiasts with comedian Holly Burn. It’s somewhere between a Ted Talk and a French Salon. But these are shorter, more domestic talks from the comfort of people’s own homes. She has been speaking to everybody and anybody with a passion, nothing has been too niche. Music is by Barbican resident Joan Furió Viva.

Chef Pascal Aussignac joins us for the final instalment of Kitchen Live. Pascal cooks at Club Gascon every day and, in addition to his role as Executive Chef,  looks after the floral arrangements across all of his other award-winning restaurants situated in London: Le Bar, Comptoir Gascon, Cigalon & Baranis. Pictured is his dish ‘Marmite Royale’ created for the Queen’s Jubilee.

Listen to the final Voicenotes with Strangers from Scottee & Friends. Voicenotes with Strangers allows you to overhear intimacy during social distancing. From Avon Ladies celebrating their 30th to Insurance Brokers getting attacked by their cats - this is what getting to know someone you’ve never met sounds like.