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Day 12: You Can Choose Your Friends But Not Your Family

Radio Local in Culture Mile

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Meet Local Legend Victoria Curran, hear a Live Report from Brian Reeves, listen to Voicenotes with Strangers from Scottee & The News from Madhumita Bose. We chat to Aliya Irabor-York, interview Matthew Bell and Bourgeois & Maurice are back!

Victoria Curran is the Centre Head at Maggie’s Barts and today’s Local Legend. She looks after the running of the centre and makes sure that her and the team are providing the best possible cancer support.

Brian Reeves, Charterhouse resident, joins us for a Live Report. Brian will talk about the history of Charterhouse as well as life during lockdown. The Charterhouse’s mission is to provide housing, care and support for older people in need, while sharing our heritage and preserving it for future generations.

Scottee & Friends present a six part audio project as part of Hunt & Darton’s Radio Local. Voicenotes with Strangers allows you to overhear intimacy during social distancing. From Avon Ladies celebrating their 30th to Insurance Brokers getting attacked by their cats - this is what getting to know someone you’ve never met sounds like.

Madhumita Bose joins us for The News. Madhumita is the manager of the Forget Me Not project, a weekly memory café that offers elders (some suffering with dementia) a place to socialise, take part in activities and receive a hot, nutritious meal.

Aliyah Irabor-York,17, is from East London, she divides her time between studying for her A-levels and engaging in youth activism, most notably she is the founder of The Pupil Power. Aliya has been nominated for the 2020 Entrepreneur of Excellence Award at The National Diversity Awards for her change-making and inspiring work she delivers through Pupil Power.

Matthew Bell is City of London's Mental Health Champion and also works as a Councillor for Farringdon Within Ward. Matthew lives with his family in the City, he’s a Psychoanalyst in Private Practice and also worked in the NHS and Holloway Prison.

Critically-acclaimed musical satirists Bourgeois & Maurice are here to distract you from the horrors of today by singing about the horrors of yesterday. Remember Brexit? Doesn’t it seem a lifetime ago? How about environmental fears? The rise of rightwing populism? The terrors of sex and dating? These concerns are all but a misty watercolour memory as we stand here in the future - June 2020 - but it’s important to remember where we came from. In each episode the intergalactic cabaret weirdos will look back at the olden days (BC, before covid) and through the magic of music, remind us all of the world we used to live in. And who knows? Maybe some of these things will return one day!