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Radio Local in Culture Mile

30 May – 12 June, everyday from 1 – 2pm

For two weeks, presenters Hunt & Darton are going hyper-local with Radio Local – a daily live broadcast, bringing the sounds and stories of Culture Mile into people’s homes. You can listen to the live shows here.

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Hunt & Darton?

Hunt & Darton is a 10-year old collaborative practice between artists Jenny Hunt and Holly Darton. They make work that embraces the ordinary as extraordinary; they replicate, borrow, reframe and reclaim social space, facilitating ambitious public art that responsibly establishes itself as part of its new home.

Radio partners

We’d like to give a special thanks to our radio partners, East London Radio and Barts Hospital Radio

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Welcome to the first show of Radio Local in Culture Mile!

We chat to Maxine Kwok from the LSO, The News is presented by Brian Reeves and Russell Frost teaches us about the printing press. Guest presenters are Bourgeois & Maurice and Vic Melody introduces the first of our 'Enthusiasts' series.
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Day 2: Getting local on the radio

The News will be presented by Liz Davis who lives on the Golden Lane estate and then we have a mealtime memo from Rakesh Mathur from The Charterhouse.
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