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Radio Local is looking for enthusiasts

Hunt and Darton

Are you an Enthusiast? As part of Radio Local in Culture Mile, Victoria Melody is looking for enthusiasts to talk about their passions...

'The Enthusiasts' is open to everybody and anybody with a passion, nothing is too niche. We're asking people to talk for five minutes about an interest close to your heart. Be it pigeon fancying, moustaches, playing the guitar, model boat making, cooking artichokes…. the list is endless.

The talks will be recorded over the phone or through Zoom if you have a computer. Your talk can include your experiences, demonstrations, tips and stories, literally anything. We just want to hear you chat about one of your favourite subjects.

'The Enthusiasts' is a celebration of the UK’s pastimes and passions. The set-up is very simple and informal and Victoria Melody will guide you through all aspects of this. No previous radio experience necessary.

The talks will be aired on Radio Local in Culture Mile between 30 May – 12 June 2020. To find out more email or call 07957 142380.