Imagine Fund projects

We are delighted to announce the ten community projects that will receive funding as part of our Imagine Fund.

Collage for "What's inspired you during lockdown?" project

The successful applicants have each been awarded a micro-grant of £500 to help develop and realise their ideas. Each project will benefit local residents and communities in Culture Mile as well as workers and visitors through creative, cultural or educational endeavours.

The full list of projects that will be funded through the Imagine Fund are listed below.

Explore our Mural board to watch a short film about each project.

To view the Mural board, please open the link on a desktop browser or download the app on a mobile device. To navigate, click and drag your cursor to move around the board and zoom in and out to locate all ten TVs. Double lick on a TV  screen to watch the film about that project.

Sing Out Golden Lane

Residents from the Golden Lane Estate will organise a mass, safe, socially-distanced sing-a-long over the festive period, inviting residents to step out onto their balconies to take part in a collective performance.

City Carers Community

Fortnightly ‘Share and Learn’ sessions for unpaid carers living in the City of London. These sessions will help bring isolated carers together to address their needs and wellbeing while providing a place to socialise.

St Bart's Planting

Inspired by some of the ancient architecture on display in Culture Mile, this planting project will mix modern and quirky geometric patterns with the 900 year-old Grade 1 Listed building of St Bart’s to create additional greening for residents, workers and visitors to the area to enjoy.

Mini Figures in Unexpected Places

Mini-artworks created by building blocks and inspired by local history, people and buildings will be hidden in a variety of ‘secret’ locations around the Barbican area. Visitors to the area will be able to locate the scenes and follow the trail using an accompanying map.

Culture Mile Pop-Up Choir

A group of local residents of different ages will meet in small bubbles to sing, film and share songs connected with the City of London in various open spaces within Culture Mile, with the aim of promoting community singing and the local area.

London Walled  City

The London Wall has shaped our city for nearly 2000 years. This project will look at its history, changing appearance, impact on the City, relationship with nearby buildings and those who live and work in the area through a series of prints, animations and guided tours.

Walking the Pedway

A group of local residents will explore the walkways of London Wall and the Barbican Estate, shedding light on the original post-war plans for a network of ‘pedways’ and involving local people of all ages to imagine the walking city of the future.

Lockdown Fuels Positive Creativity:  What's inspired YOU during Lockdown?

This project will ask Culture Mile residents to reflect on what has helped them through this year, collecting their responses in a digital archive and sharing session while commissioning poet Natasha Anne Kelleher (emoetry) to write a poem in response to the submissions.

News on the March

Through a digital map and series of oral history recordings, artist Eloise Hawser is tracing the histories of newspaper production and circulation in Square Mile. Tracking the ebbs and flows of journalists, printers, distributors, and readers across the last 250 years, Eloise will be talking to public librarians to discuss the role of libraries in disseminating the news, past and present. These will be available to download via her digital map, free to Square Mile residents and visitors.

Repurposing Clothing Venture

COLLAGELONDON offers a service to City of London based residents and workers to reconfigure their unworn wardrobe items.

For more information on the Imagine Fund, visit our Imagine Fund page.