City of London Family of Schools Through Our Eyes digital art exhibition 2022

The Culture Mile Learning (CML) team at the Museum of London are recruiting an artist(s) to work with teachers and pupils from the City of London Family of Schools to create a collaborative digital artwork which will be in the form of a map to launch in early July 2022.

Group of young people at a conference

This role will require the artist(s) to:

Creatively produce a base background map with accompanying key for all schools to work from

Plan and deliver engaging workshops with pupils from each of the participating schools

Reimagine the 2D paper maps produced by each participating school into a mass, collective digital artwork that can be exhibited online


CML is  one of three teams in the Learning and Engagement Department at the Museum of  London. It also delivers the learning strand of the cultural district,  Culture Mile (CM) – see  

CML has  a particular mandate to work with the City of London Family of Schools to  embed creativity and cultural learning across the curriculum and to support  pupils’ skills development and employability. In 2021, for the first time CML  collaborated with 10 schools in the Family of Schools to produce a joint art  exhibition - #mood. This mass digital artwork gave pupils an individualised,  yet collective and creative way to express their experience of the  pandemic.  About 1000 students took  part, see more here.

#mood  was a really positive experience and the schools and CML have already begun  planning the 2022 exhibition. The chosen theme is ‘our local community  through our eyes’ - and our ambition is to produce new maps of each of the  areas of London where the schools are located, and also to join them together  into a combined digital map. As in 2021, we are commissioning an artist(s) to  work with us to create the combined digital artwork. We are open minded about  the format of this digital map artwork and are keen to hear your ideas about  what it could be. It will need to be displayable on the CML website.

The  schools have chosen drawing as the medium they wish to work in and each  participating school will create their own physical 2D map on paper. It’s  probable that whereas in 2021 each student created a meme and a hashtag, this  year they’ll each draw a building or ‘landmark’ of importance to them which  collectively will make up their school’s map. These buildings or landmarks  will be drawn separately to the base map so that they can also be  photographed and used digitally for the combined digital map.

Schools  will also be provided with a pack of documents of their local area by CML  partner, London Metropolitan Archives (LMA). This pack is likely to contain  maps, drawings, photographs, newspapers reports etc. of their local area  through the centuries so that schools can reference different historical  periods in their artwork.  Each school  may interpret the brief in slightly different ways and/or link it to  different areas of the curriculum.


The artist(s)  will be expected to:

Design and configure the base background  map and a key for that map which all schools will work from to produce their  2D map on paper and which will feed into the digital map – for example, the  keys might later translate into digital filters.

Record two short (no longer  than 2 minutes) introductory videos (one for Primary and one for Secondary  schools) introducing yourself, your practice, the context of the project and  what pupils may expect in the workshop. These will then be shared with the  participating schools so they get a sense of you as the artist(s) and the  project.

Plan  and deliver a maximum of 10 engaging 2 hour workshops for up to 30 pupils in  each of the participating schools (includes primary and secondary) in May. Pupils  will be chosen by their art teachers to represent their school. The aim of  the workshops is twofold - for the pupils to input into the creation of the  digital map artwork and for them to learn about your practice and career  journey. Teachers will be present to at all the workshops and can support  with the delivery if needed.

Create a mass digital artwork  for display on the CML website which is made up of every pupil’s work and  which speaks to the project’s vision of creating a new map of London.

Attend project planning and review meetings as needed, including with  the project team, the teachers and the CM Marketing team who manage the CM  website.

Contribute to communications and marketing  activity around the project, including the production of a short making of  film about the project, and feed into project evaluation.

This  role will report in to Beth Crosland, CML Senior Programme Manager and work  closely with Georgia Dodsworth, the freelance producer for the project.

Please  note that having previous experience of working with young people is  desirable but not essential, as you will be supported by art teachers during  all workshops and Beth Crosland and Georgia Dodsworth can support with any  planning.


April – prep work and planning – creation of base mapand key

May – workshops with schools

June – creation of digital artwork

July – launch of artwork


Most planning, research and meetings can be doneremotely as meetings will be online.

We are planning for each school to have an inperson workshop. Schools are in the London boroughs of Islington, City of London, Southwark and Hackney and one is in Ashtead, Surrey.

NB:  if Government Covid guidelines change and prevent in-person workshops then we willadapt the sessions to be delivered online.


There is a budget of £7,500 (+VAT whereapplicable) inclusive of expenses and materials, available for this commission including planning, delivering theworkshops to schools and creating the artwork. You will need to provide yourown equipment. CML will cover any additional costs required to integrate theartwork into its website.

Expression of Interest

If you would like to be considered for this work, please outline:

A brief description of your vision for the collaborative digital map artwork

Details of your experience of working on similar commissions

A brief description of how you would approach the workshops with the pupils and what you’d focus them on

Details of any experience of working collaboratively with young people towards acreative output.

Any examples of previous work you would like to share.


Please also confirm your availability for the above timeline.  


Proposals should be e-mailed to Beth Crosland at by 5pm on Monday 14th March 2022.


Short interviews will take place throughout the week of 14th March 2022.


Please send any queries to the above email address.