The Charterhouse

The Charterhouse has been living the nation’s history since 1348. Founded as a Black Death plague pit and medieval monastery, the site became a Tudor mansion, a boys’ school, and an alms-house, which it remains to this day. The remarkable site now houses a brand-new museum, Public Square and the Sir John Cass’s Foundation Learning Centre.

The Charterhouse offers a range of workshops for Primary, Secondary and A Level pupils that support History, English and Religious Education. There is the offer of tailored outreach sessions in school, as well as dedicated learning programmes for SEND schools in the form of bespoke projects connected to The Charterhouse rich history.

The aim of the learning programme is to inspire creativity though the stories of the Charterhouse and to inspire curiosity about the people who have lived, worked and studied there. From monks to monarchs, visitors discover the fascinating stories of those who have helped shape the history of the nation.

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