Goldsmiths' Centre

Founded by the Goldsmiths’ Company, one of the major Livery Companies of the City of London, the Centre's mission is to advance, maintain, and develop the art, craft, design and artisan skills related to goldsmithing.

Today the Goldsmiths’ Centre builds on the history of the Goldsmiths’ Company. It continues to run much needed vocational and ongoing training opportunities, including the Goldsmiths' Company’s Apprenticeship Scheme, for those entering and working in the industry.

An award-winning training provider, the Goldsmith's Centre offers a range of dynamic programmes for young people, both in schools and at the Goldsmiths’ Centre. If you’re a teacher, you can also access training and support to engage your class, through outreach, teacher CPD training, workshops linked to Art, Design, and Technology enrichment, and career talks.

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