Bank of England Museum

Located  in the heart of the City of London, the museum tells the story of the Bank from its foundation in 1694 to its role today as the regulator of interest rates and issuer of banknotes. Historical displays include the Bank's own collections of books, documents, silver, prints, paintings, banknotes, coins and photographs.

There are gold bars dating from ancient times to the modern market bar, coins and a unique collection of banknotes. There are also the pikes and muskets, once used to defend the bank; the Roman pottery and mosaics uncovered when it was rebuilt in 1930; and documents relating to famous customers such as Horatio Nelson, George Washington, and the Duchess of Marlborough.

Free talks and presentations at the museum can be tailored to suit Key Stages 2 and 3, Key Stage 4, and young people ages 16+, which can cover topics ranging from English, Maths, History, and Citizenship, to Economics and Business Studies.

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