Tower Bridge

Suitable for Key Stages 2and 3, or ages 5-9, this workshop incorporates areas of the curriculum including Design & Technology, Art, Geography, and STEM topics.

Pupils are challenged to design London’s future skyline. Taking on the role of architects, pupils visit the high level walkways to critically analyse the current London skyline before designing new landmarks using professional 3D design software, SketchUp. Pupils are introduced to 3D printing and a 3D printed version of their design is sent out to the school following the session.

They have the opportunity to practise and improve observation and critical thinking skills in a real-world context,e.g. analysing what makes a building 'iconic', taking inspiration from existing buildings and building upon this for own designs. They will also practise and improve teamwork through working in pairs, planning and organisation, completing the task within time and resource constraints, and speaking, listening and explaining skills, through listening to instructions as to how CAD software works, explaining ideas and solutions to peers, presenting inspiration behind their design to the class.

They will express creativity through designing a new building, taking inspiration from London's iconic skyline.

Problem solving skills are used through use of CAD software (SketchUp), working out howto translate the designs they have created with physical building blocks to the programme.

Pupils participating in the programme have said: “I liked [using SketchUp] because it was fun and exciting because it gave me ideas” and “I love it here.  I love the fact you can be creative and imaginative”.

For more information and to book, visit Tower Bridge's website.