St Paul's Cathedral

During these Key Stage 2 Art Days, programmed close to Remembrance Day, pupils will explore the Cathedral focusing on its memorials, famous tombs and artworks to ask the question ‘How do we remember people after they have died, is it important, and why?’ The day includes looking at artworks inside the cathedral in their roles of remembrance, reconciliation and healing, and includes artist Gerry Judah’s colossal WWI memorial installations and the WWI altar frontal that was lovingly embroidered by severely injured, surviving soldiers as part of their rehabilitation in hospitals throughout the UK. Pupils participate in a practical art workshop led by artist Regan O’ Callaghan to produce their own communal altar frontal in response to the themes of the visit. This is displayed and blessed inside St Paul’s at the end of the day.

This session enables students to use their creativity though creating the altar frontal. They also practice problem solving and teamwork by working in small groups, and hone their organisational skills through preparing for an assembly based on their trip and artwork.

For more information, visit St Paul's Cathedral's website.