London Metropolitan Archives

This school session using an online interactive map to discover information about the landmarks, events memories and stories of London’s diverse people and places. It is suitable for Key Stage 2, but adaptable to other age groups on request.

The session is linked to Key Stage 2, 3, and 4 Geography, History, Citizenship, Art, and I.T.

This can include two hour standalone sessions and opportunities for extended projects on local history.  Standalone visits welcomes students to the archive where they learn about the role of archives in preserving history, and are given the opportunity to work with original documents and digital resources that relate to their local area.

In the past the LMA have been able find registers, photographs and bomb damage reports from individual schools to sit alongside the digital resources made available through the Layers of London Website.  These historical investigations are recorded with a piece of creative or non-fiction writing. Extended visits give schools opportunities to conduct in-depth investigations into particular topic areas that combine local and national history Their research in these sessions takes place across a half term of LMA facilitated sessions on site, and at the participating school, which will then be published on the layers of London digital resource.

Skill development opportunities include communication  through synthesising and presenting factual information by writing for the web and digital. Thinking skills  , analytical, and critical thinking skills from working with primary and secondary historical sources. Creative skills from creative writing inspired by historical sources.

Participating schools have described this session as having a "very good range of activities appropriate to our topic and the level of the class. Inspired creativity." and that "the chance to engage with first hand, primary sources of information is always an enjoyable and engaging opportunity for the children."

Find out more information and book from the London Metropolitan Archives website.