Pop-ups: Joy and Peace

Published: July 11, 2017

A new temporary installation in two parts created by Morag Myerscough and Luke Morgan, Joy and Peace brings a vivid splash of colour to the City this summer.

Please note – the Peace Pavillion installation at the Smithfield Rotunda Garden has now finished. You can still view the Joy installation on Silk Street – plan your visit using our interactive map.

While the Joy installation along Silk Street stands in stark contrast to the brutalist buildings around, the Peace Garden and Pavilion in the West Smithfield Rotunda Garden complements the natural architecture of the park, creating a serene, playful and thought-provoking space.

A response to the fractious times we are living in, Joy & Peace is comprised of comprised of six symbols: the heart, representing love; the globe, representing society; the sun, representing joy; the eye, representing wide open; the star, representing energy; the flower, representing peace. Together the installation’s bright geometric shapes radiate a positive energy. While the Joy installation represents the symbols on equal levels with all the powers working together, the Peace Pavilion and Garden focuses on the sun (joy) and the flower (peace) symbols. The individual pieces of the installation were handpainted on ply by Morag, Luke and a team of painters in her studio. The entrance walls to the Peace Pavilion & Garden incorporate patterns developed form workshops with local schools.

See where you can find Joy and Peace and what else there is to explore in the area with our interactive map. From the 21-25 August, the Peace Garden and Pavilion will play host to a week of free events and workshops – find out more and plan your visit.

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