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Imagine fund

We’re offering ten micro-grants supporting local people to develop ideas for the area which will help create a better future.

These ideas can be creative, cultural or community and involve anything you’d like to spend some time exploring. From community gardening, workspace and creative works to arts projects and local radio, we’re open to all and any ideas.

The global coronavirus pandemic has meant many of us have felt our worlds shrink. We’re limited in where we can go and are spending more time in and around our homes than ever. For some, perhaps those with disabilities or who are vulnerable, this is not new reality, and for others it’s a stark change. For all of us, our lives feel more local than ever.

We want to support our community to create projects that will benefit the area and the lives of the people in it.

We’re offering ten micro-grants supporting local people to develop new ideas – creative, cultural or community.

We’re open to all and any projects – plant projects, workspace, food events, creative workshops, arts projects, local radio – anything you’d like to have a go at with your friends & neighbours.

Criteria for selection:

Ideas will be selected by the Imagine Fund Panel, a representative group of people with a strong local interest, based on supporting:

  • A broad range of projects and communities
  • Projects which will benefit local people  
  • Projects that are relevant to the area
  • Applicants who have the relevant capacity, permissions, resources etc. to deliver their projects
  • Projects which may not be able to receive funding elsewhere and would most benefit from the £500 and attached support

The kind of projects we might fund:

  • A knitting group for you and your neighbours / a community garden / creative workspace / community events / film screenings / talks series / listening parties / oral history project / mural painting / creating an archive / recording a podcast / photography / dancing / poetry / training & skills development / cooking classes / languages / art walks / family events / storytelling / research about the area – anything you’re interested in!

We won’t fund:

  • Large scale projects that already have funding
  • Projects taking place outside of a 30-minute walking distance from Barbican tube station
  • General appeals for funding
  • Activities that promote a political party or religion, or groups seeking to alter decisions made by political parties
  • Retrospectively, or to reimburse expenditure already made or committed, or to clear debts or loans

What we can offer:

  • A grant of up to £500
  • Development sessions with artists, partners, or relevant organisations of your choice
  • Free space within Culture Mile, depending on availability
  • Support with ideas development
  • A sharing event at the end of the process  

Your commitments:

Successful applicants can spend the grant on what your idea needs to develop. We ask that you:

  • Stay in regular communication with us about your project
  • Commit to sharing your ideas and how they have developed at a sharing event alongside the other successful applicants, as well as at regular check ins (no more than 1 per month)

For further information, please take a look at our FAQ  section below. If you would like more information or to speak to someone in person about making an application, please email: