Wellbeing & Innovation: Music in Offices

In this difficult time of isolation, music making remains an important activity to punctuate our time with a positive moment and build togetherness. Music in Offices are delighted that all of their workplace choirs have happily repositioned to online rehearsals and value the positive impact these weekly sessions are having for employees.

Online concerts for pupils have been popular too and surprisingly maintained the intimacy and informality that the live concerts were known for.

“The concert gave a lot of joy to my family - thank you. It is really a great solace to me when at home on my own that I have the piano to play and my lessons to give me structure.” Victoria Brammall, Travers Smith.

Director Tessa Marchington has also been offering weekly Creative Thinking Clinics, helping clients work through new ideas and concepts, for example with Janie Skuse from marketing company www.doogheno.com to explore how important creativity is during moments of change, and about how she could pivot her role within her company.