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Creativity:  The Commercial Superpower report

Creativity: The Commercial Superpower is a report that evidences the benefits of creativity within corporate business and the potential for cross-sector collaboration between the corporate, creative and cultural sectors. It was commissioned by Culture Mile, co-funded by Guildhall School of Music & Drama and prepared by Barker Langham.

Creativity is integral to tackling the broad range of challenges that businesses face, whilst opening up new possibilities - improving wellbeing, identity, innovation, financial return and transformation within organisations. The benefits are far-reaching and businesses of all types prosper from unleashing its potential through collaboration across the corporate and creative sectors.

Culture Mile believes these cross-sector partnerships can harness the City of London’s creative energy and competitive strengths and secure it as a vibrant and thriving city in which to live, work, learn and invest.

The accompanying Fast Facts sheet outlines the Benefits of Creativity explored in the full report and offers creativity as part of the solution to real world commercial challenges, demonstrating why creativity is integral to any business.

For a short preview of the report, watch the video below.

Culture & Commerce:
Creative Renewal

'Fuelling Creative Renewal' is a report by the Culture & Commerce Taskforce that sets out a blueprint for a deeper relationship between the creative and business sectors to accelerate London's recovery from the pandemic.

Chaired by the Lord Mayor in partnership with the City of London Corporation and Culture Mile, the Culture & Commerce Taskforce assembles leading figures from across the capital to address the massive challenges faced by the cultural and creative industries in the City, and London more widely, through better connecting the cultural and commercial sectors. Find about the members of the Culture & Commerce Taskforce.

 The Culture & Commerce Taskforce believes that by coming together, culture and commerce can develop new ways of collaborating, to build a renewed creative sector that drives economic growth and supports competitive advantage for the City and London.

You can watch the Fuelling Creative Renewal report launch event and its roundtable below:

Get Involved

Culture & Commerce: Fuelling Creative Renewal outlines three key recommendations and 10 proposed projects where culture and commerce can work together for mutual benefit. Working together will accelerate London’s post-pandemic recovery and help secure its position as one of the best international cities in which to live, work, visit and invest.

The Taskforce seeks partners from across London who are able to contribute to the delivery and potentially take on a leadership role in progressing one or more of the ten projects.

To get involved or let us know about a related project already underway, please contact the Culture & Commerce Taskforce, referencing which project(s) you are interested in contributing to:  

New artwork commissions

In order to celebrate the value, resilience and vibrancy of the creative industries, as well as supporting those artists who work within them, the Culture & Commerce Taskforce commissioned eight new artworks which have been threaded throughout the Culture & Commerce: Fuelling Creative Renewal report. The artworks and artists have responded to some of the themes contained with the report.

Catherine Yass


Catherine Yass is a Turner Prize nominated artist, who is best known for her film-based work and photographs on light boxes. Her work responds to the theme of ‘New Skills’. The piece is below alongside a contact sheet that was part of the final work’s development.

In 2020 the Guildhall Art Gallery acquired its first digital media artwork Last Stand (2019) by Catherine Yass. The film was premiered at the Gallery’s exhibition Architecture of London alongside one of Yass’ lightbox artworks Damage (2009).

See more of Catherine Yass' work

Catherine's artwork
Catherine's creative process
Catherine Yass's artwork

Catherine Yass

New Skills

Ferha Farooqui

International Connections

Ferha Farooqui is a painter whose work explores the cultural and social changes that affect the Borough of Newham, where she lives. Her work was inspired by the theme ‘International Connections’. Watch Ferha talk about her work here. In 2020 the Guildhall Art Gallery acquired Carnival Procession (2016) by Ferha Farooqui.

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Ferha's creative artwork
Ferha's creative process
Ferha's creative process
Ferah Farooqui process image 3
Ferha Farooqui's artwork

Ferha Farooqui

International Connections

Hannah Starkey


Hannah Starkey is a photographic artist working from the female perspective. She lives in East London and creates most of her work there. Her work responds to ‘Space’. Hear Hannah talk about her inspiration and the background behind her piece here.

In 2019, the Guildhall Art Gallery appointed Hannah Starkey as Guildhall Artist-in-Residence. The theme for the inaugural residency was ‘Celebrating City Women’. 13 works from the residency were acquired for the Gallery’s collection.

See more of Hannah Starkey’s work here and here.

Hannah Starkey


Jess Nash

New Voices

Jess Nash is a freelance illustrator inspired by culture and narrative. Her artwork was inspired by ‘New Voices’. Below are some early sketches for this piece next to the finished artwork, and a timelapse of the work’s development can be seen here.

Jess was commissioned by the Cultural and Visitor Services team to produce two Our City Together Creative Challenges, aimed at inspiring families to get creative at home during Covid-19 national restrictions. She also collaborated with composer Blasio Kavuma on nonclassical's digital multimedia project '66 Days' commissioned by the City of London Corporation, in partnership with Mayflower 400 UK.

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Jess's artwork
Jess's creative process
Jess Nash's artwork

Jess Nash

New Voices

Kit Finnie


Kit Finnie is an artist who makes poems, zines and theatre. Her piece responds to the theme ‘Resilience’ and is below, alongside some images and notes that inspired the work.

Kit developed the creative activities for Culture Mile’s first Imagine Pack, providing resources for older people who may be experiencing isolation. In addition Kit was commissioned to create a poem that will be incorporated into Moor Lane Community Garden, a new temporary installation that aims to increase the provision of green space in Moor Lane.

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A theory of resilience as seen by moonlight
Kit Finnie
So Joyce tells me of new years in her day,

the blanket chill and margarine of them. Resolutions-
pffft. What is there to keep now

but a diary? A nurse knocks, younger than me
by far, scarved against the cold. Joyce must hang up,
she has indignities to smile through, a reverenced body
to be washed. The wall is flannel
between us. When she’s gone I dance in the space the
christmas tree left

Statistically, it’s the bawling infants who’ll inherit
the earth. From this, we learn how screaming is a kind
of power. Also, I claim, it’s how I’ve managed to break twelve
out of eight resolutions. In the dependable sequel,
Kevin and his mother look to the same dark sky
while the orphans sing, whisper distanced night nights:
a jealous god is one who makes us say her name twice.
I try to make a list of resilient pleasures, but it becomes
a petition for survival. I did it by: paying the postman to supply

me with gifts
decanting coffee between
pale containers
observing the hours between
sun and moon
refusing to count
I cannot accept that death is a
kind of failure.

There are days when nothing happens. The most faraway stars
are like those days, barely visible in the lightyears
of sky. An unused journal lies abandoned in the yard outside
the window. The nurse arrives, the dawn. There’s power I want Joyce to tell me
in bringing together disparate parts
and calling them whole.
Kit's creative process
Kit Finnie's artwork

Kit Finnie


Patrick Bullock

New Approaches

Patrick Bullock is a multi-disciplinary artist, designer, illustrator, and sculptor who weaves narratives from unusual materials using natural forms. His work responds to the theme ‘New Approaches’ and is below, next to some images that capture the development of the piece.

‍Patrick has been working with the City of London Corporation’s Cultural and Visitor Services team and LGBT+ staff network on designing and producing a float for the Pride in London parade.  

Patrick's artwork
Patrick Bullock's process image 1
Patrick Bullock's process image 2
Patrick Bullock's process image 3
Patrick Bullock's artwork

Patrick Bullock

New Approaches



Soofiya is a visual artist, designer and illustrator. Their work provides a socio-political commentary on race, gender and inclusion in the arts and cultural sector. Their work was inspired by the prompt ‘Digital’ and is below, next to some sketches that helped develop the artwork.

Soofiya also designed Culture Mile’s Imagine Packs – resource packs supporting older residents to get creative during lockdown.

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Soofiya's artwork
Soofiya's process image
Soofiya's process image
Soofiya's artwork



Yvonne Courtney


Yvonne Courtney works with textiles and collage. She is the founder of Collage London. Her work responds to the theme “Acceleration” and is below, next to an initial sketch work that was developed as part of her creative process. Yvonne is one of Culture Mile’s Imagine Fund grant recipients, supporting local people to realise creative and community projects.

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Yvonne's artwork
Yvonne's creative process
Yvonne Courtney's artwork



Creativity: A Commercial Superpower event

Culture Mile brought together leaders from across the cultural, commercial and civic sectors for an event hosted by the Lord Mayor at Mansion House on 10 March 2020 as part of his Global UK programme. The event explored the critical role that creativity plays in key issues facing businesses across the City of London.

Highlights from the day

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