Musicity x Culture Mile

Musicity x Culture Mile is a project that encourages a musical and architectural exploration of Culture Mile.

Ten artists have created ten individual new tracks in response to a building, area or aspect of the city that inspires them. The pieces use sound mapping data gathered by acoustic experts ARUP to explore the intrinsic connection between architecture and sound.

All ten of the new tracks have been geo-targeted to the areas they were written in response to, so Culture Mile visitors can truly connect with the music in the places and spaces that inspired them. Bring your headphones, download the map and do the trail.  

More information about the artists involved and the locations included is below.

Visit the Musicity website to access the tracks.

Download the Musicity x Culture Mile map here.

Musicity x Culture Mile Life Rewired Hub Programme

Join curator Nick Luscombe and the Musicity team in the Life Rewired Hub for a series of talk where you can meet the artists inspired by the City.

Thursday 6 June, 6pm

Guildhall Electronic Students    

Commission based at Smithfield Rotunda Garden

Tuesday 18 June, 6pm

Robin The Fog    

Commission based at Beech Street Tunnel / Golden Lane

Tuesday 18 June, 7pm

Tania Nwachukwu and Bump Kin    

Commission based at CityPoint

Wednesday 19 June, 6pm

Kassia Flux    

Commission based at St Barts the Great

Monday 8 Jul, 6pm

Fari Bradley    

Commision based at Charterhouse Chapel

Tom Richards    

Commission based at Subterranean Spaces (New Museum of London site)