Wild with Motionhouse

Catch a daring performance by dance-circus production company Motionhouse


Catch a daring performance by dance-circus production company Motionhouse as they explore humankind’s disconnect from the natural environment in a dynamic physical show at the Barbican Estate.

‘The Wild’ performance uses powerful physicality and jaw dropping feats to move through a forest of tall poles, asking the audience the question: where do we belong?

Performances at 12:30pm and 5pm.

What is it to be wild?

WILD, the daring new outdoor production from Motionhouse, explores our disconnect with the natural environment and how, in a world where many of us live in large urban areas, the wild environment is becoming increasingly alien to us.

As urban humans, how do we relate to a way of being that we no longer understand? Is the wild still shaping our behaviour?

WILD creates an urban forest in the everyday of the city. Using the powerful physicality distinctive to Motionhouse and combining dynamic choreography, acrobatic movement and hand-to-hand partnering, WILD is a juxtaposition of the complex relationships in the forest and the more atomised life of humans in the city.

A forest of tall poles enables performance on multiple levels. From the top of the pole, we explore life in the canopy, looking down onto the forest floor – a dangerous world of unknown meetings.

Where do we belong? Do we choose survival as a lone wolf or engage with the complex mechanism of the pack and the tribe?