The Salters’ Institute Brunch Time Lecture with Laura Rudoe

Laura Rudoe, founder of Evolve Beauty, will be discussing the chemistry behind her products and exploring the supernatural power of plants, natural ingredients, their origins and how plants and their chemical composition can transform modern day skincare.

Image of Laura Rudoe with 24th July and 10.30am as event info

Twelve years ago, Laura founded Evolve Beauty, a modern apothecary-style brand for skin, body and hair, made with the purest and most effective organic oils and natural superfoods. More recently, Laura launched Adaptology, which uses the most effective bioactives found in nature to create products which solve skin issues. Laura will be discussing the chemistry behind her products as well as giving her insights on the supernatural power of plants and Xenohormesis - how plants can be used to help us adapt to modern life stresses.

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