Musicity x Culture Mile Live Talk IV

Join Musicity founder Nick Luscombe (BBC Radio 3's Late Junction) in conversation with Fari Bradley, Tom Richards and Mandhira de Saram.

Tom Richards in New Museum of London Subterranean Spaces

The talk takes place at The Life Rewired Hub (Barbican Centre level G) and is free to attend.

6 - 7 pm

Nick Luscombe (Musicity founder) in conversation with: 

Fari Bradley    - commission based at  Charterhouse Chapel

Tom Richards    - commission based at  Subterranean Spaces (New Museum of London site)

Mandhira de Saram - commission based at Barbican Sculpture Court

Meet the composers and find out more about the pieces they created, which use sound mapping data gathered by acoustic experts ARUP to explore the intrinsic connection between architecture, sound and creativity around the city.  

Fari B is a sound artist, composer and arts-broadcaster who works with listening, language and the environment to question our sense of self and our place within society and nature. After attending a choir rehearsal at The Charterhouse Cloister & Chapel, drawing connections across time and culture, Fari layered her voice over sampled recordings of The White Collar Choir following an Hindustani musical form called 'meend'.

Tom Richards is an artist, musician, DJ, researcher and instrument designer working between sonic art, sculpture and music. Drawing from his PhD study (Goldsmiths/Science Museum) on the musical innovations of Daphne Oram, he has built his own idiosyncratic modular electronic music system, with which he creates slowly evolving and heavily textured poly-rhythmic improvisations. Following a highly perceptive survey of the soundscape of the subterranean spaces that form part of the new Museum of London site at West Smithfield, ‘Running Out Of Limbs’ layers recordings of water infiltration until they slowly disappear, leaving behind electronic echoes of their presence.

Mandhira de Saram is a violinist and founding member and the the leader of the Ligeti Quartet. Her piece for Musicity has been created in response to the Barbican's Sculpture Court.

The talk takes place at The Life Rewired Hub (Barbican Centre level G) and is free to attend.

6 - 7 pm