Three city parklets – specially designed by London-based architects and designers to celebrate the London Festival of Architecture (LFA) – across key locations in the City of London’s historic Square Mile

The new city parklets and their locations are as follows:

The London Cablet by Fatkin (West Smithfield rotunda)

As the era of fossil-fuelled transport draws to a close, what happens to our vehicles at the end of their useful lives and to the spaces they occupy in our cities? Fatkin has taken a decommissioned diesel black cab and peeled it open to reveal a public place for sitting, relaxing and playing. Hardy pollution-absorbing planting provides a habitat for pollinating insects and adds colour to the street.

Pavement Art Gallery by Patrick McEvoy (1 St Martins le Grand)

Throughout London, York stone slabs form a canvas for pavement artists. These artists draw directly onto the pavement and their illustrations only exist for a short time. Presenting flagstones on a series of timber easels, The Pavement Art Gallery enables passers-by to create their very own pavement art using the chalk provided.

The gallery was made with the help of EWM Bespoke Interiors, EWIPro, Marshalls Paving, Solid Geometry Structural Engineers, University of Westminster and Prewett Bizley Architects.

Rocks and Reeds by PARTI (Billiter Street)

Using London’s history as a marshland as inspiration, Rocks and Reeds mixes local landscape with ecological construction and playful, flamboyant architecture. Material taken from an adjacent demolition works has been reused to create a whimsical bench and planter, while a collection of tall grasses and wild flowers filter the air to tackle localised pollution caused from the construction site and a nearby road.

Rocks and Reeds was made with the help of Elizabeth Tyler, IOTA Garden and Keltbray.