Cross-sector Collaboration

Working to harness the City of London’s creative energy and competitive strengths through partnerships across culture and commerce, to secure it as a vibrant and thriving city in which to live, work, learn and invest.

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Supporting and developing the City’s creative and commercial ecology, Culture Mile addresses business priorities and needs through creativity and cross-sector exchange. Our work focuses on three key areas where cross-sector collaboration can have a significant impact.

Activating the Area: repurposing space and making creativity visible to invigorate Culture Mile, attracting people to the area and engaging those with in it

Professionals Skills & Knowledge Exchange: sharing skills and expertise across creative and business communities to drive innovation, creativity, resilience, business acumen and interaction

Creative Enterprise Hubs: physical spaces that enable creativity to flourish, connecting people from different sectors, and supporting cross-sector fertilisation of ideas


Activating the area and creating hubs to enable cross-sector collaboration.

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Skills and Knowledge Exchange

Two way skills development and knowledge sharing between the creative and commercial sectors.

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Creative business support and resources

Find out about support opportunities for your creative business and read Culture Mile publications and research.

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