Play Packs Live

Throughout the summer, we will be bringing our Play Packs to the City of London streets for families in the local community.

Expect imaginative family adventures and collaborative play with bundles of opportunities to get creative.

Our final PLAY pop-up of the summer will take place at  Whitecross Street Party  on Saturday 11th September. Artists  Kirsty Reynolds  and Jess Sanders will be working with local families to build Tee Pee Town - a new imaginary world based around play, connections and alternative forms of journeying.

Together, families will construct Tee Pee dens to explore new ways of creating shelter. The Tee Pees will be collectively built and painted using brushes and mark-making tools, creating colourful and playful structures that emphasise community building. There will be a mapping station to map out the new worlds and chalk will be on hand to create playful journeys throughout the space. There will also be a banner and bunting station to help share messages and symbols for the new world plus a mobile making station to create hanging sculptures that can sit within the new playful den spaces.