Community Impact Collective

Community Impact Collective 2022

Bringing together cultural practitioners for a series of workshops to strengthen and advocate for values-led community work in the local area.

The Community Impact Collective was born from the belief that we can function better as a community when we work together.

Over the last year, through conversations with our peers and cultural practitioners, it became apparent that knowledge and information in the City isn't being shared effectively among our community, and voices are going unheard.

We want to change this.

Join the collective!

The mission of the collective is to build a peer support network for cultural practitioners to come together. The space will be purposefully created to encourage cross-sector listening, learning and reflecting that help us think of better solutions to support culture thriving in the City.

The Community Impact Collective 2022 programme will take the first step towards this, consisting of 6 workshops from April through June.

Applications have now closed. We will now undertake a selection process, aiming to select a diverse and representative group of up to 8 candidates to participate in the programme.

What we will give...

  • Opportunity to participate in the programme
  • Check-ins throughout the programme and a programme social at the end to celebrate our journeys together
  • An opportunity to co-design an ongoing network after the programme ends
  • Financial support for freelance participants who are not taking part in their salaried time
  • Additional support including access requirements and internal advocacy. We will try and meet any support needs you might have to the best of our ability. We may not have all of the answers but are open to listening and discussing anything that might come up for you and working through solutions together.
  • Each participant will get a budget of £500 to continue their learning journey after the programme. This budget can be used individually or can be pooled with other programme participants to deliver work as agreed with the programme producers.

What you will give...

  • Attendance to all six sessions. We do understand that diaries can be challenging but would request that you would not miss more than two sessions, and give notice if you do expect you will miss any.
  • An open and collaborative attitude. We will approach this project with our community values listed below, and hope to foster a generous space of learning and listening where community care is prioritised.
  • Honesty and transparency about your needs and what you will bring to the space