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Fusion prize


THE NEXUS fuses project-based learning, workshops from five specialist practitioners and authentic work experiences, supporting six local charities through the co-production of digital media assets (logos, UI, photography, social media, podcasts, 360 video, AR maps), by young Londoners, aged 15-25, within Olympic Boroughs.

Situated within the inspiring Plexal complex, and grouped by shared interests to promote meaningful experiences and motivation, 18 participants will research, pitch and deliver these projects, populating online portfolios to reflect on their activities, processes and experiences.

Supporting participants, the team will foster and formatively assess the development of fusion skills, namely communication, critical thinking, problem solving, creative thinking, collaboration and empathy. Academic research and frameworks will be embedded into the programme materials, delivery and assessment processes to ensure transferable and reliable competencies are developed by participants, who will be awarded digital open badges, which will also be created in line with international standards and frameworks.

Additionally, an open-source toolkit will be produced to support programme iterations, accredited by HEIs, for use as part of the East London Framework. Finally, projects will be showcased, in order to celebrate the achievements of the participants, which will be attended by digital industry professionals.

The diverse team of experts spans a range of interdisciplinary practice, with strong connections and partnership opportunities, comprising: Atif Mohammed Ghani (Producer), Creative Director Martin Percy (BAFTA Director), Dr. Janghir Hussain (Senior Educational Advisor), Jay Younes (Chief Technical Officer), Peter Collis (VR Cinematographer), Amber Ghani (Research Director), Sofia Siddiqui (Executive Director) and Ian Hurd (Digital Learning Specialist).