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The Great Create is a whole-school approach to embedding a culture of creativity in a school and its wider community. A group of 10-15 young leaders will be trained to facilitate co-creation workshops with teachers and students, designing a bank of over 100 responsive creative challenges that will be taken on daily over a 6-month period.

Individual students and teachers, whole classes and whole schools will compete to see who can be the most inventive and collaborative, and bring the most diverse approaches to embedding a creative life in their school.

The team includes Jo Hunter, Laura Saxton and Jemima Frankel from 64 Million Artists, educational consultant Ed Watson, Head of Community and Cultural Learning at Westminster Adult Education Service, Sabirah Ali, and Filip Hnizdo, the co-founder and director of Octophin Digital. Also Michaela Tranfield, a student at King’s College London and the Director of the Education Policy Centre at King's Think Tank, Dominic Abrokwa a student and creativity ambassador at ELAM and Simon Throssell, the Communications and Content Officer at Common Vision.