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AWAKE is a new initiative led by BitterSuite and Dr John Fass, designed to nurture a new wave of socially conscious experience designers. AWAKE will help this new generation make sense of the world around them through the realisation of innovative, human centred experiences.

AWAKE is a process leading to the design of experiences and events that take inspiration from urgent social issues and are oriented towards social and personal transformation. AWAKE will offer a foundation style programme aimed at 18-25 year olds who are experiencing barriers to creative opportunity or who have felt uninspired by the exam-led, tick-box approach taken by UK schools.

Experience Design is an emerging creative sector with experience designers working on brand management, government services, in protest groups, and in science communication. Experience Design requires new types of thinkers and makers, people able to move between traditional disciplines, consider the collective issues and individual concerns of society, express new realities, foreground new voices, and push at the boundaries of current practice.