Colourful Crossings

Published: August 28, 2018

If you’re out and about in Culture Mile, don’t miss our new Colourful Crossings, featuring a bespoke street design by Eley Kishimoto in collaboration with creative interior and spatial design consultancy Dolman Bowles.

The artwork is designed to welcome visitors in the area from Barbican Station. The design “City Jam” reflects the unique multi-faceted character of the area and celebrates the energy with all the elements of the City that pulse throughout and beyond. Even better, it provides a new must-snap photo opportunity over the summer.

Established in 1992, London-based print studio Eley Kishimoto has gained global notoriety through a plethora of outputs ranging from fashion and interiors to diverse architectural and design collaborations. Although initially earned as a result of their vibrant fashion collections, the company’s renown has become associated with their freedom to decorate anything and everything. We’re thrilled that our new “City Jam” Colourful Crossing is now part of Eley Kishimoto’s legacy.

Check out the instal time lapse video below: